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Academic orientation


Our academic orientation service is aiming to facilitate future students from all around the world to find the most suitable distant learning program. 

We focus on the distant studying as the best choice for progressive people. We know you have a lot of life goals and a distant qualification gives you the opportunity to focus on the essentials. 

We will help you find the education you want no matter the distance! If you are looking for Bachelor, Master, PhD, or just a professional course, we are here to assist you choose the best option for you.

Support during the programme

Support during the programme

EduEarth provides you with all the information for the chosen program and takes care of the details for you. Our team will go through the procedures of applying, enrollment, exams and graduating with you, providing you with exclusive support on each step. 

EduEarth’s team members have achieved advanced qualification in many educational fields and are passionate about the study subjects and tasks you are going through. Our supportive community will assist you throughout the process of your academic development and let you focus on unfolding your individual potential and professional development.

Distance learning

Distance learning

We in EduEarth believe strongly we have to take the opportunities of the technological advancements. Today the distance learning expands our abilities and gives us choices we didn't have yesterday. 

In the today’s world all that matters is practice. Our courses and programmes enable you to continue on the practical path, while gaining knowledge and develop in your favorite field. 

We use distant and blended learning platforms to provide the best experience for you throughout the chosen educational programme. Enjoy full mobility, and constant access to variety of courses that are customizable for your needs to make sure you leave with relevant skills.

Services we provide

Application support

Application support

Application procedures are time-consuming, demanding attention to detail and sometimes more creativity. We are familiar with the processes and their tricky parts and will help you with preparing, collecting, and submitting all the needed documents, in correspondence with the official programme requirements, so that you are sure to be among the chosen ones.

Online campus and storage

Online campus and storage

Dealing with a lot of documents and educational materials from distance can cause trouble. That’s why we provide our students with a dedicated online campus and cloud storage, where you can find many useful materials, including tips and sources of information, and where you can submit your study tasks at anytime and from everywhere. We will help you be even more flexible in your distant study. 

Programme management

Programme management

We know you are busy and we care about your plans, we will do our best to adjust the study program to your needs. No matter the scale of your PhD program, we will manage it, so that it goes as smooth and as fast as possible. Our team will be there for you to ensure that all the education processes will be coordinated and executed in the right way and with the best timing. 

Scientific guidance

Programme management

You have to write a diploma work, course task, exam, scientific article or a dissertation? Sometimes you’re not sure where to start from and too busy to check all the information. Whatever tasks are part of your program, we will be there to support you with guidelines, mentoring, info webinars and useful practical advices. Be sure that we will "equip" you with everything you need to be successful.



The distant learning has numerous advantages, but the physical absence can sometimes be a burden. We will represent you and your interests. Whenever you need our help to communicate a topic with the educational institution, we will handle all the mailing, phone calls, discussions, etc., so at the end you get only the essence. Your time is precious for us, so we will make sure you keep yourself focused. 

Third-party services

Third-party services

We know there are many additional engagements during one study. No worries, we can cover all for you! Our team works with the best service providers that can further help you with the execution of your programme: translation, legalization, printing and editing of documents, accommodation, transport, sightseeing and many more services are available on your request.

Our students speaking

Dr. Georg Votava, Director of Lohmann&Rauscher, Export and Emerging Market


 "Working in one of the leading companies for medical devices in Europe for more than 25 years, I am responsible for the worldwide export business. After my MBA and PhD program I got promoted as the new head for worldwide education and training, and all international affairs." 

Dr. Hesham Hafez, Owner of Paper Distribution International, PDI GROUP


 "It was my greatest pleasure to work with EduEarth, and I am very pleased to recommend their team. They have helped and supported me a lot throughout my PhD program. I was very impressed on how they walked me through the whole study process where they assisted me on every detail I needed. The people who worked with me are very helpful and professional." 

Dr. Brigitte Pollak, Scientific & legal assistant in the Austrian Federal Administrative Court


 "I can recommend the EduEarth team 100%! They helped me a lot during my PhD program, and they were really perfect in their mission to educate and support me throughout the whole study process. The people working with me understood and facilitated everything that I needed." 

Dr. Ronald Pommer, Founder&CEO at PRO/CON Consulting, lecturer at the Upper Austria University of Applied Studies

"For me it was extremely helpful that you had very quick, precise and polite responses on every question that I asked.  I had the feeling that you were always on my side and I enjoyed that very much."

Dr. J. Cerqueira, Head of IT & Quality at one of Germany's largest educational institutions

"VIS and EduEarth have always been helpful! The doctoral program turned out to be a clearly structured and very well organized process. The human aspect and the discussions with the team helped me to keep up with the right topic, stay focused, and finalize all."

Ing. Dr. Gerhard Eller, Lecturer at a Technical Vocational College in Austria 

"EduEarth is a very good and useful partner. They help you in every way and I can only recommend the cooperation with their team. Every question, no matter at what time and how it was asked - by email or phone - was answered perfectly within 24 hours."

Dr. Christian Rudloff, Professor at The Pedagogical University in Vienna 

"I would advise the next students to rely on EduEarth&VIS, to ask about everything and on time. The support team was always trying hard to put everything on the right track, and they did it. "

Dr. Kyriakos Dalamitros, Legal service provider for debt collection, approved by Stuttgart regional court

"What I liked most about the program was  the friendliness and cordiality of the people here and how we were welcomed, the whole atmosphere was simply outstanding. And I would like to express once again my gratitude for your support."

Become our partner

We in EduEarth always strive to provide excellent educational opportunities to our students and choose our partners carefully in order to achieve a strong network  of partners, built on trust and mutuality. 

We are looking for universities, student acquisition companies, academic orientation companies, and other academic institutions, which share our purpose to offer an even wider spectrum of educational choices. 

We are open to institutions who are willing to expand their students’ learning horizons and give them the chance to follow their professional path while they improve their qualification. 

Third-party services

Third-party services

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